One of a Type Exhibition

One of a Type Exhibition

Art Direction, Curatorial, Exhibition Design

One of a Type is a collective typographic exhibition we organised in Palermo on the occasion of the ︎︎︎Manifesta biennial in June 2018, in association with Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018 and the Italian Association of visual communication design ︎︎︎AIAP.

The exhibition took place in the heart of the historical centre, with the aim of celebrating Palermo’s identity, stemming from centuries of artistic and cultural layering, through the contributions of 32 world-renowned designers from 12 different countries.

Each guest was invited to express in a graphic way their own vision of the city through the design of a single letter of the alphabet. One single type. The uniqueness of Palermo is expressed by each character, while the sum of the letters creates a dissonant alphabet, consistent with the ever–changing, multicultural nature of the city and its diverse cultural imprints.

The alphabet was also a starting point for discussion about the historical and current changes, managing to establish a dialogue with the audience inside a multicultural visual lab. The public was in fact an active part of the show: a special wall was set up with miniatures of the letters that could be detached and recomposed to form word or sentences, thus involving the visitors of the exhibition.

A special thanks to all the contributors:
Gianluca Alla (Italy)  
Atlas (Spain)
Irene Bacchi (Italy)
Mauro Bubbico (Italy)
Fabien Coupas (France)
Cut&Paste (Italy)
De-Form (Hungary)
Alessio D’Ellena (Italy)
EEE Studio (Italy)
Etaoin Shrdlu Studio (Italy)
Oded Ezer (Israel)
Folch (Spain)
Giò Fuga (Italy)
Julien Gionis (Greece)
Andrea Indini (Italy)
Laura Jouan (France)
Kasper-Florio (Switzerland)
Koln Studio (Spain)
La Tigre (Italy)
Muttnik (Italy)
Oficina de Disseny (Spain)
Raphaël Garnier (France)
Ko Sliggers (Holland)
Studio Abbasi (Iran)
Studio GialloGin (Italy)
Studio Studio (Belgium)
Studio Triple (France)
Think Work Observe (Italy)
Tomo (Italy)
Erman Yilmaz (Turkey)

Photography: Fabrizio Milazzo, Filippo Nicoletti

2018 — Art direction, Curatorial, Exhibition design