Concrete Confinement

Concrete Confinement


In March 2020, during the first Covid-19 lockdown, we’ve been invited by BBDB Studio to join a 48h remote Concrete Poetry Workshop to reflect on what ‘Confinement’ meant to us in those times of uncertainty. We gave our interpretation through the design of two artworks that – together with the projects of other 15 guest studios – are collected in the book “Concrete Confinement”.

As we are islanders – Sicilians – we feel that the themes of borders and isolation have been part of our daily experience since birth. The word “Island" opens a thousand and more reflections, a flow of sensations that arise and propagate from a concept and a place. The image of the island has, in fact, a double semantic aspect: an oppositional relationship in which island/world exist for each other in a limited/unlimited relationship. The perimeter line of the Island traces its internal limits –protecting and separating– yet, its borders on the other side mark the very beginning of the unknown territory: The external world. Reflecting on this concept, we think that the very sense of “borders” dissolves, leaving us the idea and the hope that where island and water meet, there might be a non–place where we all are, simultaneously, a bit “island” and a bit “world”.

“Torneremo a fare l’amore, vedrai, a guardarci dritto negli occhi.” This verse, taken from the song "L'era dell'Acquario" by Baustelle, is for us a sort of positive wish that helps us projecting ourselves – with a light hearted and optimistic attitude – into a future in which we will be able to restart our routines and the physical contacts suddenly banned by the current pandemic. Forced isolation does not preclude us from dreaming and crossing borders, at least the mental ones: we hope for the arrival of a future era of greater positivity and awareness, forgetting the fear and inner drama that we live in our current condition. The present will soon be archived and we will go back looking each other in the eyes. We hope that this will happen soon, very soon!

Photography: BBDB Studio

2020 — Workshop